Mindful Chili Sauce Now Available Online and in Select Locations

Hello chili lovers!

We write with good tidings and to offer our many thanks. The good news is that we’ve gotten more savvy in how we share our chili sauce, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Inline image 6Sending love your way!

Through your support we have found the drive to keep moving forward on this project to see how far and wide we can share our sauce around the globe. We are deeply grateful to have you in our lives, for your generosity which has allowed us to continue sharing our gift with the world.

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The early days, the beginning of our
first Farmer’s Market Season

Get Some Mindful Chili in Your Belly

Online Store

We’re happy to be launching our website and online store, hopefully bringing our Mindful Chili Sauce a little more easily into your reach. You can get the full scoop about our Mindful Chili Sauce here, or go directly to order your bottles here. We can ship to you anywhere in the world (yet we’re still learning about international shipping), or if you’re nearby you can skip the shipping cost and pick your chili up.

While this new online system does work, we’re still ironing out bugs, so please contact us if you run into any problems. Or better yet, if you know how to setup online stores and can help us out, then please speak up… there will definitely be chili in it for you ;)

Pickup and Store Locations

If you’re in the Boulder / Denver area, we have partnered with a few wonderful people to provide pickup locations, along with one store which has stocked Mindful Chili on their shelves. At a pickup location you can grab some chili and either leave a gift there, or use our online store to send us something. At the store location, you’ll be purchasing via their register. For maps and more view our webpage.

Thank you for embarking on this adventure of generosity with us. How far can we go? With your wind under our wings, we’re willing to bet it will be pretty far ;)

Whereas money today embodies the principle, “More for me is less for you,” in a gift economy, more for you is also more for me because those who have give to those who need. – Charles Eisenstein

We may have a tiny marketing budget, but it is magnified tremendously when you help by spreading the word to your chili loving friends and family. Together we can share our chili while helping shift the consciousness about consumption on the planet!

Sending you much love and many blessings for all of your ventures, growth, and experiences,



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