High Protein Indian lentil soup

High Protein Split Green gram lentil recipe 

1/4 cup of Split green lentils
2 cups of water
Add salt to taste

Boil and let the lentils cook until tender.
Once it’s cooked to your liking, Add 1 generous TSP of Brenpa’s Mindful Chili Sauce
Garnish as you wish. Chopped Cilantro adds a nice flavor.

Cooking tips: Soak the lentils overnight for faster cook time. Lentils tends to increase in volume once cooked, so be mindful of quantity.
Also watch the stove during the first boil so the water doesn’t overflow and create mess for clean up.

This recipe is excellent with Rice and vegetables on side for a complete soulful meal.

May you enjoy it mindfully and share it with your loved ones. <3

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